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Embroidery, Customization, Label Options


Tokaido Japan provides the highest quality embroidery in Japanese or English. No company can surpass the level of embroidery perfected by Tokaido.

The secret to our embroidery is that it is done before being assembled and sewn together. The embroidery will not show through on the reverse side. This is the hallmark of a true, Made in Japan - Tokaido Black Belt.

In TOKAIDO’s continuing commitment to quality and customer service we have decided to add 3 font options for our black belt embroidery. Below from left to right we are offering: 

#1 昇龍 translated as “Rising Dragon”. (Default font)

#2 太行書 translated as “Bold Cursive”.

#3 龍神 translated as “Dragon God”. 



Each kanji font has it’s own character with #1 described as crisp and clear, #2 characterized a strong and bold, and #3 as sophisticated and detailed. TOKAIDO is happy to provide this choice and we hope you will appreciate these new options. 

Please note: #1昇龍 “Rising Dragon” is the default font and will be used if neither of the other two are chosen.

You may choose to embroider your style name and your name from a variety of colors. For Japanese text, please select from the pop up menus by clicking on the KANJI STYLE NAMES or the NAME IN KATAKANA below and selecting your choice. If you prefer English/Roman letters, then type directly in the text boxes of your choice. You can COPY and PASTE as many characters as you like in each field.

For DAN BARS, type the letter X for the number of dan bars that you desire and then in the NOTES section write "X is for Dan Bars" and we will confirm and make it.


Tokaido can customize your order as you wish with embroideries wherever you desire and tailoring options. Also, we can embroider your Style's Logo directly on the chest as we do with the JKA, ISKF, and HDKI. Just choose the "Custom Embroidery" option and upload your Style's image using the File Upload field on the order page. We will contact you to confirm before production.



We already provide a variety of Style labels that you can choose from when ordering. Do you want a label for your organization? We can provide a label for your style after consulting with you. Please contact us here:

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