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Grand Master BLH


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Product Description

The Grand Master BLH is our absolute finest. The Grand Master is made of a 100% thick canvas core, covered with an outer layer of special high grade silk. Available in standard and extra width. For EXTRA WIDTH belts choose one size longer so that the embroidery will not be lost in the knot when tied. The Grand Master is designed to last and wear down slowly giving it a time honored feel.

Custom Embroidery 

Tokaido Japan provides the highest quality embroidery in Japanese or English. No company can surpass the level of embroidery perfected by Tokaido.

The secret in the manufacturing of our belts is that the parts are cut and embroidered separately before being assembled and sewn together. This is the reason why they are so strong, neat and beautifully finished. The embroidery will not show through on the reverse sideThis is the hallmark of a true, Made in Japan - Tokaido Black Belt.

In TOKAIDO’s continuing commitment to quality and customer service we have decided to add 3 font options for our black belt embroidery. Below from left to right we are offering: 

Left Choice 昇龍 translated as “Rising Dragon”. (Default font)

Middle Choice 太行書 translated as “Bold Cursive”.

Right Choice 龍神 translated as “Dragon God”. 


 Each kanji font has it’s own character with the Left Choice described as crisp and clear, the Middle Choice characterized as strong and bold, and the Right Choice as sophisticated and detailed. TOKAIDO is happy to provide this choice and we hope you will appreciate these new options. 

Please note: the Left Choice 昇龍 “Rising Dragon” is the default font and will be used if neither of the other two are chosen.

 You may choose to embroider your style name and/or your personal name. For Japanese text, please select from the pop up menus by clicking on the Kanji Style Names or the Names in Japanese Katakana below the field that you desire. If your Style or Name is not in the menu then use this Google Translate link to CREATE and then COPY and PASTE into the field(s) you desire.  We will confirm that the translation is correct before production. If you prefer English/Roman letters, then type directly in the field(s) of your choice.

Production Time 

As with all kuruoobi that are made in Japan by Tokaido Japan, each uniform is made as it is ordered. This way we can ensure that you receive the best belt possible. Currently un-embroidered belts require 3 weeks and embroidered belts require 5 weeks.


If you have any considerations you would like us to consider please write in the "Notes" box to let us know. You can also upload a document or picture.

How to Order

 If you would like more detailed information on how to order click here: How to Order


Product Reviews

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  1. Great product

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Dec 2021

    Great attention for detail and high quality. Definitely worth the price and the perfect gift.

    TOKAIDO note. We are glad you are happy with the gift.

  2. Best product ever

    Posted by Mike on 10th Dec 2021

    The product is of a very high quality and very beautifully done. Worth all the money.

    TOKAIDO note. Thank you for such high praise.

  3. What a lovely piece

    Posted by Kim on 16th Nov 2021

    Received my satin black belt today. I used in on training today. What a lovely belt (ok, it will need a bit of break in before it get perfect - but that is another story).
    Thanks to Tokaido team that had fixed the small changes made after I ordered it. (People be aware that nr 3 is the label side), But they fixed that, and I am really happy with my new belt.
    Tokaido just delivered the piece I wanted. It is so beatiful and top notch. No gift box or extra to pay for. Just a top-of-the-line plain belt, A belt that has but two places to be: Either in the bag, or on the waist (it'll never touch the floor :-)

    TOKAIDO note: Thank you for your review and we are happy you like it.

  4. A perfect product

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Sep 2021

    One top product. Congratulations to the Tokaido team. Greetings from Croatia.

    TOKAIDO note. Thank you, we aim to please.

  5. Beautiful Belt!

    Posted by Jon M. on 13th Sep 2021

    What a wonderful belt. The material is just beautiful and the font used gives it that special touch.
    This belt was crafted with a lot of attention to detail with straight stitching and a very nice balance to the kanji.
    I am very happy with my purchase and will be ordering again.
    Thank you Tokaido!

    TOKAIDO note. Thank you and we are happy to hear of your satisfaction with the craftsmanship.

  6. masterpiece

    Posted by Erich on 30th Jun 2021

    just received the ordered BLH-obis - what masterpieces - best quality - very admirable embroidery. The whole process of ordering, delivery and communication was straightforward, fast and professional. Looking forward to hard workouts with the new obis. どうもありがとうございました.

    TOKAIDO note: Thank you for your review and we are happy to hear of your satisfaction.

  7. A work of art.

    Posted by Jesus Lira. on 21st Jun 2021

    This is the second belt I buy from Tokaido, and it is pure perfection, craftsmanship wise the embroidery is just perfect, looks amazing, and the belt itself well it just feels great. I would like to write another review in a year or so to tell you all how the belt is evolving though training. For now, I can't recommend anything better than the Grand Master BLH.

    On the other hand I do agree with Aysha Foster in the review comments, font wise it is very difficult to differentiate the fonts from the options in the page. For a someone who doesn't read or even know Japanese these fonts all look exactly the same. They should show samples of the fonts on an actual belt. I ended up choosing the default font. I imagine these belts are crafted by hand, and no automatic embroidery machine is used, not sure about that, but comparing the font from the last belt I ordered a few years ago before they re did the page and the font options were added, this one is way way better. It looks detailed, looks like someone experienced worked on the embroidery, so I feel like its a flip of a coin, maybe you'll get an actual expert to embroider your belt or some who is not. Not sure how that works.

    Bottom line, amazing belt cant go wrong with Tokaido. I will continue purchasing belts from them 100%.

    TOKAIDO note: Thank you for your comprehensive review and font picture suggestions. We are gathering some to publish. We do have embroiderers who specialize in the embroidery for each belt. We look forward to serving you again.

  8. Best Quality with No Hassles

    Posted by James Barritt on 30th May 2021

    Simply, they are the best and I wouldn't use anybody else. We couldn't be any more pleased with the Tokaido team!

    TOKAIDO note: Thank you very much for your strong endorsement. We hope to serve you again.

  9. The best of the best

    Posted by Eva Mladenova on 7th May 2021

    Hello Tokaido Team,
    first of all want to said Thank you very much for your time, efforts and quality you're providing!
    I bought the GRAND MASTER BLH and the TSA Original ULTIMATE Heavyweight Uniform as a BD present
    and I'm very happy that I found your company!
    Good luck and all the best!

    TOKAIDO note: Thank you for your reviews and we hope you had a Happy Birthday!

  10. Another masterpiece from Tokaido

    Posted by Kaz Quek on 6th Apr 2021

    My 5th purchase from Tokaido. This time round for a belt for my daughter who recently achieved her black belt and one more for myself. As per previous experiences, the product and embroidery craftsmanship of Tokaido is unmatched by any other places. Thank you Tokaido team for building the trust in your brand with your excellent products and services! TOKAIDO note. Thank you for your wonderful review. It has been a little harder this past year with the restrictions forced on us by COVID but we aim to please.

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